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That’s the name of the new music project of former Nine Inch Nails member Alessandro Cortini. This summer he released four tracks of his selftitled first album for free on his website. The album was then released in September. In the meantime a remix version of the album was released, which is completely available for free. Check it out.

In January 2009 Nine Inch Nails released 405 GB of HD footage from their 2008 “Lights In The Sky” tour. During a period of twelve months dozens of fans collaborated to produce a professional-quality HD 5.1 concert film. They call themselves “This One Is On Us” and the concert film they named “Another Version Of The Truth: The Gift” is available as a free download from the website in various formats (Blu-ray, DL-DVD, 1080p MOV, for PSP+iPod, etc.).

I shouldn’t forget to mention that there is an audio only version as 320 kbit/s MP3 and FLAC. Download links can be found on this page under “Mastered Audio MP3/FLAC”. It makes a great 32 track life album.

And if you like just browse the website. There is lots of stuff on it besides the film, like rehearsal footage and a concert filmed entirely by fans.

You can watch the whole film on YouTube here or only an excerpt below.

To watch this video you need to install the Adobe Flash Player.

Discipline by Nine Inch Nails on YouTube from fan collaborated concert film production “Another Version Of The Truth: The Gift“.

It’s obvious that Rihanna covered “Tainted Love” by Soft Cell with “SOS”. But did you know that Crazy Town’s Butterfly” samples “Pretty Little Ditty” by Red Hot Chili Peppers? Or that Lady Gaga’s “Pokerface” used music from Boney M.?

There’s a whole database about sample-based music called WhoSampled. Try browsing it. It’s astonishing.

RiP!: A Remix Manifesto” is a 2008 documentary film about copyright in music in past, present and future. It tells many interesting stories surrounding the evolution of music as we know it today and the part copyright plays in that process.

The director Brett Gaylor bases his film on four assumptions:

  1. culture always builds on the past
  2. the past always tries to control the future
  3. our future is becoming less free
  4. to build free societies you must limit the control of the past

It starts telling the story of Girl Talk an American musician who creates his music solely by sampling other music. This is against the current copyright laws because he uses copyrighted material of other musicians without permission. So Girl Talk is someone who builds on the past. But Gaylor shows that music was always built on the past. He tracks the traditional folk song “This May Be The Last Time“, recorded by The Staple Singers in 1959, to The Rolling Stones “The Last Time” from 1965, to an instrumental version by Andrew Oldham Orchestra in 1966, to “Bitter Sweet Symphony” by The Verve in 1997. The Verve was sued by The Rolling Stones’ publishers and Keith Richards and Mick Jagger took all writing credits.

Lawrence Lessig, a founding board member of the Creative Commons, says that you can’t stop people from using technology to remix culture. You can only criminalize them. He argues that similar to quoting text in an essay one should be allowed to also “quote” film and music to create a new work.

Cory Doctorow, a blogger, journalist and author, who releases his novels under Creative Commons licenses, talks about how business models are changing over time. In the times before radio and record people could only make money from making music by playing it live. The musician had to be charismatic for that to work. With records and radio the need for live performances to earn money from music was gone. From his point of view today large corporations try to save their business models, which are based on selling records. But maybe we reached a point in history where selling records has lost it’s potential to make money. Maybe today the musician has again to perform live to make a living. Why should these companies be allowed to stop these changes from happening? Should the musicians some decades ago have stopped companies from selling records and destroying their business model of live performances?

The film can be watched online in full length (1:26:25) on the website of the National Film Board of Canada in HD. You can also download the film and pay what you want (even nothing at all) on the film’s website.

Here’s the trailer:

The German Musikpiraten e. V. (music pirates registered association) started the Free! Music! Contest 2010. The aim is to promote artists who publish their music under Creative Commons licences. One song per artist can be registered until the end of July. Participants can choose to upload additional stems of their songs which may be used by other participants in the remix-phase ending August 22nd.

Patron of the contest is the author Cory Doctorow who published several bestseller books under Creative Commons licences.

The result of the contest will be a sampler which will be available on CD and as free download. A concert is scheduled for October 2nd at Wiesbaden Kreativfabrik including performances of selected participants and an exclusive—yet so far unnamed—headliner.

Guess I’ll have to decide which track to submit …

Verlängerung bis 15. Juni 2007.

Laut des gestern erschienenen wurde der Wettbewerb bis zum 15. Juni 2007 verlängert.

Ärgerlich ist für mich, dass ich diese Information erst nach meiner Abgabe erhielt. Sonst hätte ich mir noch Zeit für eine Überarbeitung genommen. Allerdings bin ich so natürlich auch den Stress los und kann mich wieder um andere Dinge kümmern.

Wer mir Konkurrenz machen möchte, kann sich die Samples herunterladen (Registrierung erforderlich) und seinen eigenen Beitrag liefern:

Seit dem 26. März 2007 läuft The Yoshitoshi Remix Competition von Yoshitoshi Recordings, präsentiert von Read the rest of this entry »

Ich hatte ja (noch im alten News-System, daher nicht mehr vorhanden) schon berichtet, dass ich mit meinem “Alex Due Remix” an Jan Delays Remix Contest zu seiner Single “Klar” teilgenommen hatte. Teilnahmeschluss war der 8. September 2006, auf Ergebnisse warte ich bis heute. Auf der Website zum Album steht der Remix-Contest nach wie vor ausgeschrieben, als könne man immer noch daran teilnehmen. Read the rest of this entry »