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On January 5, 2018 Moby posted a link to the stems of this new song “Like A Motherless Child” on The song immediately got me into a vibe and I could not resist creating my own remix which I also posted onto Splice including the stems.

This is my more aggressive and electronic version of Moby’s beautiful song. I kept the tempo, adapted the groovy drums and bass and reused the guitar. For the chorus I felt that my version needed more harmonies which I think fit the female vocals very well. In additional the second chorus trades E minor for G major bringing a lift and increase to the final. The outro tries to meet Moby’s wish to be “almost overly-long”.

As Moby posted his song under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license I published my remix under the same license. But right after I uploaded my remix to SoundCloud where I put all my songs so far, I received a message and an email from SoundCloud informing me that the remix had been removed from my profile. It states:

Our automatic content protection system has detected that one of your tracks might contain copyrighted content.

As a result, your track has been removed from your profile for the time being. Please have a look at the details below and get in touch with us if you believe there’s been a mistake.

As described further in this message there is a way to dispute this automated decision. I explained that the original song was put onto Splice by Moby himself under a CC-BY-NC-SA license as can be clearly seen on Splice and that my song was in line with the license’s terms. SoundCloud “resolved” my dispute only hours later saying that “Unfortunately, your dispute was rejected”.

This is classic collateral damage of overly strict copyright regulations. I assume that SoundCloud has a clause in their terms of service saying they can block content for whatever reason and therefore probably don’t have any reason to justify this. Why would they if they can arbitrarily remove content the site which is theirs. As they might be hold reliable if they kept illegal content on their site it is obvious they rather remove more content than less.

As a result I removed SoundCloud players from my label website, won’t use them anymore on my blog and am going to remove the previously used ones replacing them with players from the Internet Archive.

Nevertheless, I blame SoundCloud as their dispute process does not seem to work in this case which from my point of view could not be any clearer.

The ones who are to blame at the root of the problem are politicians making one-sided laws turning a blind eye on the rights of creative people who do not have any backup of corporations with huge budgets to sue.

As usually free downloads are available on the label website. The downloads include a 96 kHz 24 bit version for audiophiles and the stems in 44.1 kHz 16 bit.

Download MP3: Moby – Like A Motherless Child [Alex Due Remix]


My contribution to the Easton Ellises’ remix contest and first release for almost four years.

The contest is currently in a closed phase in which a jury including the band is reviewing the remixes. From May 15 the contest will be open to the public and everyone can put in their vote.

As usually free downloads are available on the label website. This time it includes a 88.2 kHz 24 bit version for audiophiles.


Download MP3: The Easton Ellises – Falcon 69 [Alex Due’s “I Put In Some Groove” Remix]

About two weeks ago I got an email from Jon Spriggs, the man behind It’s a website promoting Creative Commons licensed music and podcasts. Once a CC song is submitted, users can vote for it resulting in a chart of currently popular Creative Commons music.

As it turns out, someone submitted my piano piece “One Almost Perfect Night” to I’m not quite sure how the submission process works. Maybe it’s by recommodation, because Jon asked me for CC songs I like. I told him about “Flachback Forward” by Strobotone, which is really awesome.

Anyway, thanks to the person who submitted my song! I’m very honored.

If you’d like to vote for “One Almost Perfect Night”, please do so on this page.

What do you need to compose a piano piece in only one night? Inspiration. No more and no less.

Do you know these moments, when something really unexpected happens which raises hope deep inside of you? That you finally know how your life will go on? That you finally found what your heart was longing for, for such a long time? And then again those moments when the tiny seed of hope is killed by a little incident. You realize that nothing is as it seems and you’re asking yourself: “What if things were different?” But things aren’t different. The search doesn’t end there. It doesn’t end then. And you sense that life is a roller coaster of emotions, good and bad, pleasant and painful, and that you’ve probably just passed the second hill.

I’m still working on the first Lorino album. Unfortunately, I’ve got to study very hard at the moment and don’t have as much time for music as I’d like to have. But there was this one week which gave me the inspiration I needed to compose this new piano piece. Here it is: “What If”. Enjoy.

Download MP3: Lorino – What If


It’s finally done. After almost two years I’ve got a new release for you. It’s a piano peace, which will be part of the forthcoming Lorino album I’m currently working on.

As the title might suggest it’s a slow piece. I wrote it when I was in a melancholic mood, remembering people who I spent plenty of happy time with but for one reason or another don’t anymore. You’ll probably like it most when you’re in a similar mood, lost in thought, remembering old times and old friends.

Download MP3: Lorino – Melancholy


Cover: Lorino – Melancholy

For the last few months I’ve been heavily working on my project Lorino. I’m planing to release a CC licensed album with about twelve piano pieces on it. The composition is almost done and I’m going to focus on the post production during the next weeks. But don’t expect it to be finished before August. I’ve got lots of other stuff to do at the moment and can’t focus on music as much as I would like to.

At least on song will be released in advance of the album. It is called “Melancholy” and the music notation is already done. This weekend I was looking for a picture which I could use as a cover. I’ve been using CC licensed images as a basis for the covers for some time and I think it’s better to reuse great material of someone else than to try to make something more or less acceptable out of my own pictures.

The picture you can see above and which I’m going to use as a cover for “Melancholy” is “It’s Christmas! No, it’s a stoplight! No, it’s rain!” by Jack Mayer and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License.

Gestern habe ich ein weiteres Klavierstück fertig gestellt, das ich euch hiermit zur Verfügung stelle. Dieses steht nun offiziell – wie inzwischen auch “Music Made Me Think Of You” – unter der Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License. Das bedeutet, dass ihr das Lied beispielsweise beliebig kopieren oder verarbeitet dürft, unter der Bedingung, dass der Autor genannt wird und eine Weitergabe unter den gleichen Bedingungen stattfindet. Read the rest of this entry »

Nach etwas längerer Abwesenheit gibt es endlich wieder etwas Neues von mir. Das zweite Lorino Klavierstück ist fertig und kommt wie auch das erste mit PDF Klaviernoten und Lilypond-Quelltext. Dieses Mal habe ich deutlich mehr Mühe in die Qualität der Aufnahme investiert, was sich durchaus gelohnt hat. Hört rein, spielt selbst. Viel Spaß damit. Read the rest of this entry »