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My last post is more than ten months old and I’ve been pretty busy. Unfortunately not with music primarily although I have started producing a lot of tracks.

At the end of September of last year I moved back from Canada to Braunschweig and it takes – as you can imagine – a lot of time to get settled, arrange the new flat, adapt to the new tasks at work and so on. What’s more, I’ve joined the team of C3S, the Cultural Commons Collecting Society which is currently being founded in Germany. As the name suggests it’s a collecting society whose task it will be to collect royalties for artists. It is supposed to be up-to-date with technology and society. Something you can’t really say about the currently established collecting societies in Germany. So this is going to be an alternative, a new option for artists who are living the new life, who are constantly looking for new possibilities to distribute their work and get compensation.

Pretty soon the C3S is going to start a fund raising to gain the capital needed for the foundation process. The beginning of this process was the release of the C3S Ignition Mix which is a compilation of free tracks from C3S’s supporting artists. The piece I chipped in is “LXDU – Into The Void” which is already more than six years old. Although it hasn’t gather a lot of attention on the internet so far, I thought it might fit into the mix as electronic music was far from dominating the styles.

My favourite track is “ZOE.LEELA – IAMARMX”. I mentioned Zoe.Leela’s EP “Queendome Come” about three years ago when she published it under Creative Commons licenses. Strobotone, who’s debut album “Flashback Forward” was pretty neat, also put two of his songs onto the mix.

Check it out: C3S Ignition Mix