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What do you need to compose a piano piece in only one night? Inspiration. No more and no less.

Do you know these moments, when something really unexpected happens which raises hope deep inside of you? That you finally know how your life will go on? That you finally found what your heart was longing for, for such a long time? And then again those moments when the tiny seed of hope is killed by a little incident. You realize that nothing is as it seems and you’re asking yourself: “What if things were different?” But things aren’t different. The search doesn’t end there. It doesn’t end then. And you sense that life is a roller coaster of emotions, good and bad, pleasant and painful, and that you’ve probably just passed the second hill.

I’m still working on the first Lorino album. Unfortunately, I’ve got to study very hard at the moment and don’t have as much time for music as I’d like to have. But there was this one week which gave me the inspiration I needed to compose this new piano piece. Here it is: “What If”. Enjoy.

Download MP3: Lorino – What If


Another Creative Commons licensed photograph from Flickr which I’m going to use as a cover. This work by Quinn Dombrowski has the same title as my forthcoming piano piece. It is licensed under CC-BY-SA and so is my modification. I just removed some of the writing and changed coloring and contrast a little.

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A friend of mine was studying with two of the band members in my hometown and so I came to visit a concert in 2009, shortly after they got a new drummer. Since then they have been playing concerts all over Germany. Their booking agency is Four Artists which has several popular German artists as clients, like Die Fantastischen Vier (who are the founders of Four Artists), Nena, Peter Fox and Clueso.

Phrasenmäher” is a compound of the German words “Phrase” (engl. phrase) and “mähen” (engl. to mow). They said the name comes from their habit to build the lyrics out of numerous phrases.

The lyrics are in German and I don’t know if you might like their songs if you don’t understand them. I have to admit that the lyrics are very important for their songs, because they are very funny and contain many wordplays. But as there is at least one internationally popular German band with German lyrics (Rammstein) you should give it a try.

A really cool thing they are doing is writing hilarious songs about cities they are touring, like this one about Flensburg:

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Their new Single “Sympathie Ist Der Teufel” is available as a free download from their website.


He is my favorite Creative Commons musician. Not only because he’s constantly putting cool stuff out there for free. But he seems to be a really nice guy, who’s just as crazy about music as anyone can be. As far as I know Professor Kliq is based in Chicago, where he’s studying music.

A few hours ago he published a video on YouTube thanking everyone who voted for him in the Jamendo Awards:

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There are several albums he published on the web under a Creative Commons license. My favorite is “Guns Blazin’” with the awesome track “Ode To Charles“:

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The best track not appearing on one of his albums is “Crystals“:

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So if you like his music, too, maybe you’d give him your vote an Jamendo. You need to have a Jamendo account to vote: Jamendo Awards 2011


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This beautiful song by the Swedish duo The Knife was published on their album “Deep Cuts” in 2003. It became very popular in 2006, when José González’ cover version was used in a TV commercial.