Alex Due

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Music is one of the most important things in my life and it has been since my early childhood. My parents sent me to music education for young children and at the age of about ten I started playing the piano. Soon I joined the band of my schoolmates and after some years we ended up covering and composing Britpop songs. However, we split up in 2000 and a few months later I started making music on my own using my computer and a synthesizer. Since then I’ve been producing several dozens largely electronic tracks for a couple of musical projects, focussing on Trance for the first five years and switching to mostly softer electronic and acoustic music since.

Although music is pretty important to me, it’s not my profession and it doesn’t make my living. In 2006 I started releasing my tracks under Creative Commons licenses because I want people to freely download and share them.

Alex Due is my personal pseudonym and simultaneously the name of my project for somewhat soft electronic music, consisting of elements from various musical styles like synthpop, electropop, indie rock, house, electro, downtempo and ambient.

Lorino is my project for piano pieces which I started in 2006. Each track is released in combination with PDF sheet music for everyone to play it on their own.

The project LXDU is for mostly atmospheric experimental electronic music.