Alex Due

More than one year ago I somehow found this promo video on YouTube which I liked very much. But there wasn’t much to find out about VISITOR on the internet at that time. There were ten artists with the same name on Discogs. However, none of them seemed to be involved in the track I was looking for. For the following few months I was checking several online music stores every now and then but never found the song I was looking for.

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A year later I had almost forgotten about “Coming Home” and the LifeLike remix, when I received an email promoting “New Music from VISITOR”. I’ve received a few emails like this before and as I was on vacation, I didn’t pay much attention and wanted to look into it later. But suddenly there was this hunch. VISITOR. This name sounded familiar. And after a moment it came back to me.

I guess that VISITOR are already on Discogs. At least the triangle on the cover of this release looks very much like the one on the Facebook and Twitter page.

This is the promo video for their forthcoming album. Check it out:

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This sounds very promising, guys. Keep me updated!