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Only a few minutes ago I found this mix by “Death To The Throne“. He took part in Metric’s remix contest and won the Grand Prize for his remix of “Twilight Galaxy“. Awesome!

He put his mix on SoundCloud where you can download it.

I just had the idea to create a little graphic that expresses my feelings to Creative Commons licenses. This is the result:

I love Creative Commons

This was quite simple. I downloaded the Creative Commons logo and this graphic of a heart. Then I opened both files using the free vector graphics editor Inkscape, replaced the circle with the heart and made the outline of the heart a bit thicker.

As the graphics of the heart and the Creative Commons logo do not have the threshold of originality, they are in the public domain. The same probably applies to my combination of both. So feel free to use. Be aware, that the Creative Commons logo may be subject to trademark laws. But as one would only use it to promote Creative Commons, I can’t imagine that they would be offended.

Download the SVG vector graphic here. You can use it to export the graphic in any size.

Update February 10th

People from Creative Commons asked me to make a clarification.

The Creative Commons logo is protected by trademark law. Therefore the originality threshold does not apply and the logo is not in the public domain! That is to say, I was not allowed to modify and publish it without explicit permission of Creative Commons. Luckily they seem to like the modified logo and gave me permission to use and share it on my website.

It is import to understand that using the “I love Creative Commons” logo is not suitable to make any work Creative Commons licensed. To license your work you must exactly state under which of the several licenses your work is licensed. The best and easiest way to do this is to use the license chooser on the Creative Commons website.

If you want to follow me: @lxdu

To watch this video you need to install the Adobe Flash Player.

Evgeny Grinko is a Russian musician who plays drums for several Moskau-based bands. In autumn 2009 he released his “Cinematic Melodies EP” which can be downloaded from, well, for free of course.

On the 1st of January his “Winter Sunshine EP” was released, which contains five piano pieces. It is also available from

Some days ago I felt like redecorating my room. There was a large poster on one of the walls which I wanted to replace by another one. I started looking for poster of bands and musicians I like. But either I found nothing at all or the posters were much to small (I wanted it to be A0, which is approx. 120 cm × 84 cm). So I thought, why not designing my own poster and printing it out. A few months ago I found a software called “Rasterbator” which divides a large poster into single pages which you can then print out with your own ink or laser printer. There are a lot of impressive pictures from posters people did that way on the Internet. Just look for “Rasterbator” at your preferred search engine.

Anyway, I thought I could design a poster myself, print it out and put it on the wall. If I made it as a vector graphic I could scale it to any size and print it as large as I wanted. So all I needed was some design which represented music, because that’s what I wanted to be on the wall. I started to play with a note, but didn’t come far. So I looked for a vector graphic of a treble clef which I could use. I found one, did some arrangements, two versions (one white, one black), and you can see what the result looks like.

Now that the poster is ready, I release it into the public. If you like it just print it out yourself. If you want to use it as a basis for your own poster design, feel free to do so. Creative Commons makes it easy.


Here are some files you might want to download. I made both posters in A0 (1188 mm × 840 mm) and A1 (840 mm × 594 mm). You can choose between the normal and the rasterized version.

And here are the source files:

License information

The poster “Treble clef” is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 3.0 License. This regards the PDF-files and the Scalable Vector Graphics source SVG-files. It uses parts of the image “Bass and Treble clef.svg” by “Lthown” which was published under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.

Since I wrote about the Free! Music! Contest 2010 two weeks ago, I’ve been thinking a lot about which track I should submit. Finally I decided to go with “LXDU – Into The Void”. With almost seven minutes it’s the shortest track I was considering, apart from the Lorino piano pieces. And even seven minutes seem to be very much given that the winning tracks shall be pressed on CD.

Another possibility have been the Lorino piano pieces. But I wasn’t sure whether they would suit to the other participant’s music or not. I guess they range of music styles of the winning songs will be very wide, because the contest isn’t just about picking the best free available songs and pressing them on CD. It’s probably also about highlighting the diversity of free music on the internet. But acoustic piano songs?

After talking to one of the hosts of the contest I also submitted “Lorino – Music Made Me Think Of You”. I told him about the two different projects LXDU and Lorino and that I have them because I like to be at least a little consistent with the style of tracks a project releases. He said it would be okay to register one track for each of the projects.

Submission deadline is 31st of August. Hurry up!