Alex Due

Since I wrote about the Free! Music! Contest 2010 two weeks ago, I’ve been thinking a lot about which track I should submit. Finally I decided to go with “LXDU – Into The Void”. With almost seven minutes it’s the shortest track I was considering, apart from the Lorino piano pieces. And even seven minutes seem to be very much given that the winning tracks shall be pressed on CD.

Another possibility have been the Lorino piano pieces. But I wasn’t sure whether they would suit to the other participant’s music or not. I guess they range of music styles of the winning songs will be very wide, because the contest isn’t just about picking the best free available songs and pressing them on CD. It’s probably also about highlighting the diversity of free music on the internet. But acoustic piano songs?

After talking to one of the hosts of the contest I also submitted “Lorino – Music Made Me Think Of You”. I told him about the two different projects LXDU and Lorino and that I have them because I like to be at least a little consistent with the style of tracks a project releases. He said it would be okay to register one track for each of the projects.

Submission deadline is 31st of August. Hurry up!