Alex Due

The Kyoto Connection - No Headphones Required

Here’s another cool band releasing their music under Creative Commons licenses.

The Kyoto Connection is based in Argentina and released their sixth album “No Headphones Required” in July 2010. It contains eleven songs in 80s style synthpop. Each of their albums is available under CC-BY-NC-ND from the Internet Archive which hosts a lot of CC licensed music. The album is pretty awesome. You should check it out. I really can’t stop listening to it.

Here are my two favorite tracks:

  • The Kyoto Connection – Glorious Love Song
    [audio:|title=Glorious Love Song|artist=The Kyoto Connection]
  • The Kyoto Connection – H.E.A.T.
    [audio:|title=H.E.A.T.|artist=The Kyoto Connection]

All albums can be downloaded from the band’s website.