Alex Due

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A friend of mine posted a link to this video on Facebook. It’s a self-made roadtrip video with this beautiful song by The Gadsdens. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard it before. Sometime, Somewhere. I really like it, so I tried to find it on iTunes, but without success. At least you can’t get it from the German iTunes store. Next I looked for it at Discogs, but The Gadsdens only have a single entry with “The Sailor Song”. No website or something. There is a second entry which is a compilation and it actually has “Lent” on it. But it seems you can only get it from the label’s webshop on CD and I don’t want to buy the whole thing. I tried Google and found their MySpace page. It says they are unsigned. Great. No link to an artist website. Excellent! How am I supposed to get this song? Steal it? Really? There seem to be lots of illegal websites where you can download the “King Kong Kicks” compilation. But I’m not stealing music, I want to get it legally for free (Creative Commons, netlabels, etc.) or buy it.

Finally I found “Lent” on At least I can listen to it directly in full length. You should also try “Small Town Boy“. It’s a great ballad cover version of the song by Bronski Beat from their 1984 album “The Age Of Consent” which I actually bought on Vinyl the other week. Strange coincidence.

I’m still unhappy. Any idea where I can buy “Lent”?